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Don Giacomo Cauda

The Pastor's History

The “scout” of the Ruchè, the first to believe in the potential of this grape to produce a varietal wine, dry, pure, the first to vinify and sell it in a bottle was a country parson. His name was Giacomo Cauda and, long before the advent of the DOC, the wine was known as “Ruchè del Parroco”.

“God forgive me – Don Giacomo Cauda used to say in his last years of life – for having sometimes neglected my ministry to devote my energies to the vineyard.

After celebrating the Mass, I used to change my clothes quickly, and climb on the tractor.

But I know that God has forgiven me, because with the money earned from the wine I created the oratory and renovated the rectory. “

Don Giacomo, born in 1927 in Cisterna d’Asti, in the Roero, came to Castagnole Monferrato as a parish parson in 1964. The parish has some neglected vineyards. Don Giacomo was a country man, peasants’ son, and cannot see this almost abandoned land. Thus begins his long career of priest winemaker, who will have given fame and fortune to a whole territory.